Who am I

A question I get asked a lot these days. I’m a Bangalore based User Interface and User experience designer with some knowledge in front end and eLearning, here to give you the best possible feel for what your ideas desire.

Feel – It’s an essential element in today’s world unlike when I started out. A beautiful experience is the cornerstone towards a successful relationship between a user and his needs. To me user experience starts when you wake up early in the morning and ends when you sleep at night feeling great. It is a continuous process.

Look – If it looks good it should also feel right. Yes, I just love designing something, beautiful and delighting, it drives me. Every project is new, a new ideology, a new approach and a new zest for understanding what feels right for a user.

What I do

I engineer designs and complex use cases to be user centric and aesthetically pleasing. Presently at Razorthink Technologies, I work towards building an engaging experience for our clients, for what it means to work on an platform for which we can design, develop and integrate Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) into businesses.

Understanding user responses through surveys and focused groups provides an insight into the challenges businesses face in staying ahead of the competition. By channelizing the requirements through a cohesive design process, with multiple wireframes and prototypes, Razorthink AI serves as a platform for which business can build models that solve some of their complex problems.